cnc laser side hole drilling machine

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The Wood laser CNC Side hole drilling Machine 2400 is a special design for the side drilling of Plate Furniture working. Wood CNC Side drilling Machine 2400 can be achieved through scanning the barcode. After briefly training for inexperienced workers, they can directly operate. Lower labor costs. The Wood CNC Side drilling Machine 2400 no need repeatedly adjusting, greatly improving the drilling efficiency.

Wood CNC Side drilling Machine 2400 used for horizontal perforated plate custom furniture. Completely replace the traditional drill, to get rid of the traditional punching mode. Dependence on skilled workers, it scans code processing directly. Wood CNC Side drilling Machine 2400 parts: adopt Taiwan linear guide domestic ball screw; import reducer. Reasonable design: independent computer control: operation and maintenance more convenient. Wood CNC Side drilling Machine 2400 has three working areas processing three different size plates at the same time with high efficiency. Automatic oil lubrication system: prolong the service life of the machine.

Specifications are:
Model:  SM-2400 laser side hole drilling machine
Table: Vacuum table
Running speed: 100m/min
Control system:  PLC control system
Drive mode:  Dorma 750W Servo motor and driver with planetary reducer
Transmission: Hiwin 20 guide rail ,rack transmission
Position mode:  America Banner laser probe
Fix mode:  Automatic press by cylinder
Drilling spindle:  3.5KW air-cooling spindle
Machine dimension:  3000*1200*1300mm
Packaging:  Plywood packaging
Packaging dimension:  3300*1300*1350mm
Net Weight  900kg
Gross weight 1100kg
Warranty  2 year

Machine working video:

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